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For those of you that are giant squid fans, you know that these little buggers have RARELY been seen live in the ocean. They have only been discovered after washing up dead on the coast. And much of the facts known about giant squids has been from research on their bodies.
Well, this past weekend divers off the coast of Japan finally captured the Giant Squid on camera. This 12-foot beast was seen “looking lively, spurting ink and trying to entangle his tentacles around me,” the diver told CNN.

Here's the video!

What do you all think about this awesome discovery?!

I can't stop inking about how awesome this is. ;)
@BeannachtOraibh @nicolejb I do believe the article has lead to a reasonably sound assumption that the animal was hungry. There are several species that will follow fishing boats knowing that they are sources for food, most notably sharks, the fact that it followed one back out could be a very persuasive argument to that point. SO cool!
Yeah, we don't have the technologies to figure out how they get so big in the deepest parts of the ocean! @WiviDemol it's crazy!
@nicoljb yeah I thought of that too that part of the ocean not discovered yet by humans :)
ohhh interesting... I wonder. I think a big part of it is that they live in the deep part of the ocean and can naturally grow that large. (I think, though I'm no expert) @WiviDemol
I wonder how they got soooo big. What if there's chemicals involved? :(
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