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To think that Tae is already 20 years old (21 in Korea). This boy is amazing, I just love him so much. No matter what he does, I will always Support and love him. I hope he gets well and has an amazing day today. It's funny because when I first found out about BTS, when I first saw him I didn't really like him. The moment I watched more videos of BTS, the more I couldn't stop watching him. At the time my UB was Lee SungMin from Super Junior. I never expected that his boy would take his place, but he did, and it didn't take much for him to do so. But who couldn't he? He is so amazing
A little bit of Fan Art to show their love an support to our Tae Tae
My two favorite hair styles on him. For those of you who saw my last post, Would You Rather....? I answered a question about Re-dying Tae's hair, and if I were it would be the first three pictures. I personally thought that was his best hair color. But oh my gawd, him in hats is just... Oh my god.
BUT LOOK AT THIS Even as a kid, and now, omg Tae you kill me. You are too adorable!
He always looks good too, like what is this?
Here are some Gifs for this boy. How he is so good in heels, I have no idea.
And we all know how much this boy loves cute animals.
Happy Birthday Tae, we all love you so much! Get well soon, and have a great day!