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Hey my Vingle Nakama!

Many of you know this, but I think it bears repeating. I love Naruto. It's probably the biggest anime/manga in my personal anime loving life. Naruto was the second manga I read after Mahou Sensei Negima! and an early favorite from very early on.
I fell in love with most of the characters. Their strengths, their flaws, all of what made them unique and vibrant. I loved it all.
But one character I love more than the rest. That character is Kimimaro, a complete badass of an enemy that team 7 and company encounter after the Chunin exams fall apart and Sasuke leaves with the four ninjas of sound.
Kimimaro is my favorite character in all of Naruto for a bunch of reasons. First and foremost above all is his Kekkei Genkai or Bloodline Limit. His Kekkei Genkai is called Shikotsumyaku, or Dead Bone Pulse.
This Bloodline Limit is particular to the Kaguya clan, who are all descendants of Kaguya Otsutsuki (the final enemy in the narrative of the manga/anime). Shinobi with this bloodline limit have the ability to change and manipulate their bones at will, due to the fact that they load their calcium with chakra.
This meant that Kimimaro was able to increase or decrease the density of his bones as well as remove some from his body/grow extra all to use as weapons. He was even capable of removing his entire spinal cord to use as a whip-like weapon.
Total. Badass.
More than his super badass Kekkei Genkai was the fact that Kimimaro also had the Cursed Seal of the Earth. This seal basically doubled his power when he activated it, like in the image above. He gained power and speed and was better able to fight against Rock Lee and Gaara.
He could push the seal's activation even to its fourth and final stage, where his skin complexion grows darker and he grows a tail while sprouting sharp bone protrusions from his back and arms. In this form he also wields the ultimate spear, the densest his bone can grow to be.
With it, he was nearly able to completely do away with Gaara (another favorite of mine, to be sure). Except he was fatally flawed.
That brings me to the last reason that I really love Kimimaro. He was only around for a short time. He came in, all badass and cool, but left way too early, leaving us all with the desire for more.
He had a terminal illness that even his amazing power couldn't beat. He was grounded for that, to me. He was fighting a constant battle against time and his own crumbling body. He wanted to do the best he could before ultimately succumbing to it.
For all of that, I think Kimimaro is amazing, though underrated.
He wud of had great character development if orochimaru wasn't involved, he ruins everything most times. so I blame that body stealing perv..
He's my favorite character after Gaara, watching the two of them fight was epic.
I really admired kimimaro, he was an awesome character. I really felt bad for him when he was forced to attack the village hidden in the mist and I was shocked when he bumped into haku & zabuza. The point is he was an amazing character and deserved far more screen time @VinMcCarthy.
I was just thing the same shit in @thatperson512 's card about him the other day.
@thunder1254 I knowwwwww ;_;
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