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what if?
now I know in ever cartoon they give the super hero's kids there powers but here is my question. would that really happen? if super hero's had kids would they pass on there powers? could the powers change and become different to each child? what is your take on this?... one more question would those kids take over there father's legacy? or create their own?
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Oooh yeah this is definitely my thing! The marvel and DC communities would probably love to have a discussion about this! I think it really depends on the abilities- mutants all have their abilities because of the mutant gene which obviously gets passed down, though it's sometimes recessive. Cap's serum probably is not, and I'd presume the Flash's abilities aren't passed down either but I'm not 100% sure
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Whose the Asian girl?
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@maddiedo which image?
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Watch Sky High. lol and I'm sure powers are able to be passed down as well as change. Try watching The Incredibles. lol Or Zoom. maybe!!
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have and love all of those. but they don't get to much into it. like the origin..
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