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We'd probably all lose our chill.

Because he's totally adorable and a joy to watch on screen. Who would you want him to be? A villain? A hero? A damsel in distress? (Okay, I might be the only one who wants to see that last one). Marvel is absolutely dedicated to scooping up all the most talented actors in the business right now, so it only makes sense for them to come calling for The Gubes as well. If you had the power to make it happen, who would he be?
I WOULD LOVE MARVEL!!! Mathew Gray Gubler is my favorite in Criminal Minds!!! Spencer Reid is bae!
I think Crazy smart sciencetist
@shannonI5 I'm not sure who i'd like to see him as. I think i'd like to see him as a hero though. Betterbyet, a criminal minds/ marvel crossover! #Ficidea #Illwritethatlater
i loved to ser him play villain 😻😘😊
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