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Hey guys! I have finally started my own YouTube channel! It's called " Natsu The Legend" I picked that name because Natsu is a legend and no one picked that name lol. Anyways, thank you all for those who commented on my last post and that supported me on making the channel. This video is my channel's intro. I hope you guys like it, I tried my best. Plus, thanks for all you came up with cool names, if you guys didn't send me the names, I wouldn't come up with a good name! Thank you all once again for all your support. Once again, my youtube channel's name is "Natsu The Legend", if you can't find it, go to that thing *idk what is it* and search for channels or today. Or here, , this is the video, go watch it and leave a nice comment or a like and then check out my channel. Thank you and see you all there!