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Res Rants

Parasyte The Maxim Okay I watched this entire season and I have to say I was not disappointed. Although there aren't many things wrong with this anime, there were a lot of great things about it.
1. The opening is bad ass. Not to mention the song ( “Let me Hear” by FEAR, and loathing in las Vegas ) But the Graphics and scheme of the opening fits the song entirely.
2. I was pleased by the amount of action or "oh shit what's about to happen now" moments, and I'd say that the gore in this is a good amount for the viewers who probably can't handle a high amount of gore.
3. Over all the story is great. as the show progresses you see that each character changes in a drastic way but it makes the story even better, Emotional but its something I'd recommend for you guys, so go watch it Disclaimer: This is my opinion if I have offended anyone throughout the series Res Rants I apologize. I do not want to see any negative comments below. Any negative comments left throughout this series will be deleted immediately. As long as people enjoy this series I will continue. Thank You. Cherrrichan
I really liked parasyte. it was weird, and out there, but super bloody and creepy too. it combined a lot of great elements of different genres
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