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You guys know G-Baby has a thing for fashion
But even he sometime gets a little nervous when setting the trend..
Okay I won't but dont say in weird if you ever happen to see my blog lol *pinky swear*
Its okay I won't judge you :P
You're Fab AF♡♡♡
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That last GIF tho 👌🏽💯😍
2 years ago·Reply
Fine piece of ass
2 years ago·Reply
That last gif is exactly how jiyong walked into my heart😂😅 He was like "yeah, you know I own this place"😂😁💞
2 years ago·Reply
I'm saying!!!😂@Maddie27
2 years ago·Reply
ikr @edwey66😂 GD was like, "You're funny if you ever think I'm leaving"😂💞 That's fine with me jiyong😍😘
2 years ago·Reply