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Hey my Vingle Nakama!!

2015 is reaching its end soon. We're coming ever closer to a new year, bringing with it all the things that a new year entails.
I'm @InVinsybll, and I'm happy to say that I will be the moderator for our amazing community for Q1 of 2016!! I hope do well by all of you here in the community. If you ever have questions, or just want to talk, don't be afraid to hit me up! :D
Aside from that, I am thinking back on 2015 and all the awesome things that happened in this year. There has certainly been a lot for me on a personal level. It's been a big year.
A big part of 2015 was all of the awesome anime/manga I watched/read. So I just wanted to take a minute to talk about my favorite stuff from this year, anime-wise.

So here's my (very basic) Year in Anime!!!

Tokyo Ghoul

I watched Tokyo Ghoul in 2015, an anime that I fell in love with almost immediately. Watching the struggles of Kaneki-kun was heart-wrenching at times, and awesome at others.
Seeing him progress from a simple boy dealing with the problems of a university student, trying to go on dates to witnessing his cataclysmic change into the manic, kakuja-wielding centipede, it was a hell of a ride the entire way through.

One Piece

I finally got around to starting off on the incredible (and lengthy) journey that is One Piece. After constantly being recommended this anime by friends from different places, I eventually caved and started on the 700+ episode journey of watching.
I'm still woefully far behind (work and life gets in the way, y'know) at around episode 200, but I'm still immeasurably glad that I started off on this journey.

Boku No Hero Academia

I started reading Boku No Hero Academia because of a good friend of mine who insisted on it. He told me I would like it because of the similarities it bears to other popular shonen manga like Naruto or Bleach or Fairy Tail.
It's an awesome manga so far, still fairly new (it started in 2014) and full of promise for the future. It has a likable protagonist with a dynamic and unique backstory for the world he occupies. The cool mix of differently powered heroes and villains make for some astounding action pieces. I whole-heartedly recommend this manga to any shonen fan.

One Punch Man

In so many ways, 2015 was the year of One Punch Man. The manga has gained widespread popularity seemingly everywhere on the internet, and with the anime being released, the wave of fans has been incredible.
I'm definitely one of them. This is another manga that came to me as a recommendation from a close friend who knew it was right up my alley. I love Saitama. I love him for al lthe reasons I love Goku or Luffy or Naruto or Ichigo or Tsuna or Natsu. He has that impressive main-character power. Though really, I love him even more because of his accidental levels of power, his humor, and his craving for cheap deals on groceries.


I know this seems super corny (because it is) but another huge thing for my anime life in 2015 was joining Vingle. I joined Vingle in like... May? And since then it's been awesome. I fancy myself a writer, so having a new platform to write about what I love on has been awesome.
Meeting all of my Vingle nakama has been even awesome-er! I've made some awesome friends here and seen awesome recommendations and analysis of everything from Video Games to Anime.
To become the mod for Anime is a huge honor for me, and that's why I pledge myself to making an even better 2016.

So, my Vingle Nakama, what were the highlights of 2015 for you all in anime?

Write your own cards and tag me in them, and we'll celebrate the closing of 2015 together in style!

I saw Boku no...ಠ_ಠ almost took me to a dark place then saw hero academia. thank god *sigh of relief*
I'd say you deserve it you're always posting aweosme cards that introduce me to amazing anime/Manga that I'd not otherwise find out about myself. Congrats man!
@sharia nooo! I have the seen too much of the dark side and will never go back.
@littlemaryk thanks so much! I'll do my best
yayy you deserve it man congratulations! Continue making the anime community aweshuum *Thumbs up
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