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Because we all adore him.

And we won't be seeing him in the MCU again until Thor: Raganrok (in 2017). So if you really need your Hiddlesfix, here are a few movies you should definitely catch him in!

Crimson Peak

This came out over the summer and it was chilling! Definitely check this out if you want to see Hiddleston in period clothes and like the moral ambiguity of Loki. But come to this one prepared. It's visually stunning and incredibly unsettling.

The Hollow Crown

This miniseries was like Christmas and birthdays all at once for Shakespeare lovers. Hiddleston did an amazing job playing Prince Hal, one of the most beloved roles in the canon. If you want to see Hiddleston really flexing his muscles as an actor, you need to put this at the top of your list.

Only Lovers Left Alive

Yes, vampires have been trendy of late, but this movie takes the vampire genre in a new direction. Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton have great on screen chemistry and they're a pleasure to watch. It's weird and sad and thrilling all at once.

Here you go Hiddlesfans!

What else did you enjoy seeing him in?
He was in War Horse too.
@MarvelTrashcan I know!!! I haven't seen it yet though :( somehow missed it when it was in theaters but you just reminded me I need to check it out!