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Discovering Kpop was one of the best things to happen to me as I'm sure most of you would agree! This is a project put together by BBC from Block B's US Tour <3 I laugh at my video part lol but just the feelings everyone sharing in the fandom and the experience and just everything. it's amazing and I was so happy and proud to watch this video of a bunch of us BBC <3
Music. JK & RM just dropped this beautiful cover on us right after J-Hopes new Mixtape and Jins cover song. I'm always amazed by BTS members talents with music <3
as we all know as Kpop fans, being a Kpop fan is so much more than just amazing music . it's the fandoms, the friends you make through the fandoms, the experience of concerts and fanmeeting, the random stuff our Kpop idols do for their fans, its the love between the idols and their fans as a whole, its the amazing performances the idols work so hard to do well, its the love and support Kpop fans give to each other and their idols and so so so much more it's the smiles, laughs, tears, excitement, love, and all the feelz we Kpop fans get from the music, performances and the idols themselves.
For me personally, I have always been a person who really tuned into music. I listen to literally at least one song in every genre. no lie. I don't forcus on genre too much, if the song is good its good, of its not its not. Everyone has different taste and preference but for me even though I'm no singer or pro dancer, I don't produce music or anything, but music is my life. And discovering Kpop brought that back to me when I lost myself for a while. I have a career goal and dream I'm working for because of Kpop and my fellow Kpop fans. And Kpop also allows me to make these covers that i really really enjoy doing and lets me continue to do something color guard. I've also tapped into writing choreography which I'd never done before, I don't even have any dance training or anything. but I love it.
Even though fans fight and disagree with each other, that's just part of any relationship. the "fans" who post death threats and truely just trash on other fandoms/idols are not true fans. Being a Kpop fan means being supportive and a loving fan for their idols and fellow fans.
Kpop brings many opportunities to all Kpop fans in so many ways!! Entertainment and then fan made videos of all sorts such as dance covers, reaction videos, and so much more. and also shows like ASC & AS4U dedicated to bringing fans all over world opportunities to talk to their idols
anyways you all already know all this, I just felt like going on a little rant about how amazing being a Kpop fan is ^^ As JRE always "Listen to Kpop, it feels good" @emealia @kpopandkimchi @herreravanessa9 @EyramNtamack @ashleykpop @otakukpopgirl @BtsIsLife @StephanieDuong @aguileragissel @kchavens09 @RecklessYouth @haniarocioo @VeePrudent @Myaisnotsexy @Taehyungie @gtfoiris @kpopulair @baileykayleen @XergaB20 @sherrysahar @jgallegos222 @sugajin94 @SharayahTodd @unbreakable1109 @nate1226 @VixenViVi @tayunnie @AimeeH @Rhia @Nadinerzz @glo86 @NancyVongvilay @Jiyongixoxo @MadAndrea @syd4tomato @naydelinrm @SashaPalansky @wooziswifeu @wereWoolf @MelissaNavarro @deokmanz @MindyLee3 @jennymedina0318 @LovelyHana17 @katcollins02 @ParkHaru @AikoPalman @JeriJohnson @HappyLulie @KWellnitz @88kpoplove @SerahDiane @NikkiJumba @Megano @vanessahale109 @ReynaWithLove @Kyokeo @Katherikookie @eahenline20 @ChelseaAustin @Simba14 @malibella @GauhuaYang @linzi0302 @KpopGaby @MichelleIbarra @jessicalnichols @xsandos17 @OliviaZenger @leeabby88 @KaiTakashima @linzi0302 @CassidyCathell @JessAS @xsandos17 @jojojordy2324 @aleeejandraaa @HarperKennett @Meeshell @lovechobina @destiny1419 @amberg171997 @xxxtina @KaiTakashima @destiny1419 @aguileragissel @kchavens09 @jenjenkhreim @ARMYStarlight @adikiller @MayraCastro @thedopeshow1994 @AshleyMeowmeow @annevictoriaaa @ryanparriola @Pickles440 @SamanthaRae19 @moonchild03 @BaekYeolBaby @Rebecca22 @APinchOfSuga @exoxerox @CaitlynMaharrey @Akiuka @agirlwholovesV @fleaisms @SilentPianist @lovethuder1025 @ryanparriola @JasmineWilliams @B1A4BTS5ever @Ilikepancakes @RainaC3 @kpop14young @annevictoriaaa @LexTay327 @AgentLeo @StarlightDria @cue2pal @IamSasha @jenjenkhreim @shelbyhusband @4dalientae @aguileragissel @EyramNtamack @lovechobina @jojojordy2324 @fleaisms @pharahuchiha @ItatiSanchez @MorleeCorielus @kat121 @JasmineWilliams @KikiChan2119 @namjoonswife @AgentLeo @momoziczioco99 @emilyanpham14 @BrendaValdez @Krazypop @gtfoiris @RecklessYouth @otakukpopgirl @ashleykpop @aleeejandraaa @CassidyCathell @jessicalnichols @KaiTakashima  @jader @JingglyPuff @kpopular @darcmana @jenjenkhreim @mirsadatuzla @Akiuka @ThePinkPrincess @GauhuaYang @linzi0302 @xsandos17 @Meeshell  @kchavens09 @BrendaValdez @StarlightDria @kazukishika @CarleaseMoore @staceyholley @Raelinda @abiersack666 @LuvlyMochi @malibella @GauhuaYang @SkyRollins @xsandos17 @leeabby88 @VivianYang @HarperKennett @StephaniePoore @jjg97 @haniarocioo @VeePrudent @gtfoiris @saraortiz2002 @LilySilver @AshleyMeowmeow @annevictoriaaa @SarahVanDorn @samni1517 @aidalra @thatoneoutcast @opaldreamer @jennymedina0318 @ligaya @gabbylu13 @DreaG1518 @MyriamMadla98 @Adetoro @taetaebaozi  @jeppblackmen  @JustinaNguyen  @AlmaRangel  @anniechang1545  @VKookie47  @Princess2328  @blackirishawk  @kyky97  @sarahdarwish @Mahealani  @TracyLynnn @edwey66  @dancingdazzler  @MBLAQSA  @CreeTheOtaku  @callmeguenza  @nenegrint14  @ninjamidori  @jessicacheung97  @Beckah1327  @Izab3lla  @sosoaloraine23 @passthesuga @annahizaragoza @bekikunstman @jungkookie1
Yes I'm feeling this card so much right now!😭❤️ Kpop is just pure magic for the soul✨
This literally made me tear up a little! Being a KPop fan is definitely the best!
@kchavens09 omg your baby is so cute btw!! ^^ I'm the one who randomly dances Her & zero for Conduct lol
Oh and in addition it also led me to meet some amazing people here ❤️
Being a Kpop fan is what makes me...well me :).
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