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Guys, its about to be 2016 and we women are stronger then ever. I mean think of it this way, no matter how you feel about Hilary Clinton, she could be our first woman president. We have spoken out against cat calling, we are reclaiming the word Slut with Slut Walks, and we are refusing to accept the notion that what we wear or how we look is a reflection of who we are.
It is almost 2016 and we are not taking any shit. We are demanding basic human respect. We are demanding equality.

But there is one REALLY HUGE thing standing in our way.


Girl on girl hate has been ingrained in us since birth. Every single part of our beings are compared, criticized, and spit out, so really, it's hard not to feel jealous when some other girl walks by blessed with every attribute that you are told you should have.
But before we lash out in anger, in jealously, in disappointment that we don't stand up to standards that aren't even possible, lets bit our tongue.
Because every girl has been told there is something wrong with them; thigh gaps cover social media pages, and magazines flashing perfect smiles over perfect breasts over a slim waist makes even "the prettiest" look away in shame. So we females need to stop adding to that criticism!
So what if someone doesn't dress how you do, if they like their hair a certain way or weight more or less then you? Embrace their differences because they are just as special as you are!
And for the love of God, do not try and tear a confident girl down because you don't feel confident in yourself. We have been taught confidence in girls is conceited and really, there is nothing wrong with self love. In fact, it should be something we STRIVE FOR!
Check out this #Girllove challenge below!
Now, I don't know about you but I loved the part where they said jealously and admiration has been getting all messed up in our minds. If we just compliment instead of insult not only will we have a better outlook, but women everywhere will becomes stronger and more confident.
Plus, I am sick and tired of hearing people argue with feminism; completely ignore the real societal issues we have because "girls are just as bad as guys".
We can be so much better to each other. So in 2016, lets build each other up, not tear each other down.


Tagg all your favorite and inspiring vingle ladies out there and remind them just how amazing they are!
Shout out to my girls; @alywoah @nicolejb @jordanhamilton @AmbieB @ButterflyBlu @TerrecaRiley @PurpleChick @TessStevens @danidee @shannonl5 @AlloBaber and anyone else I accidentally missed!! I love you all and appreciate every comment, card, and thought you have!!
I LOVE THIS. I love these parts: "...encourage one another and look at one another as sisters instead of competition. "...we've all been there, we all know what it feels like." "We're not each other's enemies; we're each other's allies." 馃挏馃挏馃挏 @nicolejb @LAVONYORK @Danidee @AimeeH @AlloBaber @Shannonl5 @alywoah @jordanhamilton @CreetheOtaku @electica @LizArnone @ercurrent @TessStevens @veronicaartino @BeannachtOraibh @loftonc16 @melissamae @helixx @amobigbang
There is so much happy girl love on Vingle and I love that you showcased the changes we've made this year :) Shout out to my favorite ladies @Swhitta @ButterflyBlu @geewhiz @Ercurrent @MakaSierra @melifluosmelodi @MzDawson31508 @szewwy
@LAVONYORK gosh, Lydia. I hate you!!! JUST KIDDING PEOPLE. I LOVE MY LYDIA!!! You don't even know. *sniffles* I know what you mean, though. Some will get behind it because it's a fad, but they don't really care, right? I'm always telling my students they have to be a team because the other dance teams all hate them. It's sad, but true. Dance is so competitive that kids will hate each other for no reason other than the fact that they are on opposite teams, even if they were friends before. Point is, I'm constantly trying to teach them about building each other up in a genuine way. You know?
That seems like a great idea but I feel as much as we try to stop it... Some are just going to go with it
Thank you! I am totally with you and love all my sisters. We have always been much worse to each other. If I can help in any way let me know. We are all accomplished, beautiful, and fierce. Love you all!!!
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