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I woke up this morning and was scrolling down YouTube when I saw something life changing. Rapmonster and Jungkook had released a new cover called Fools. I listened to it and was expecting Rapmonster to rap like we know he does, but he shocked my life when he started to sing. I knew he could sing before because of his mix tape but that couldn't prepare me for this magic. Who knew that rapmonster's raspy voice would compliment jungkooks soft angelic voice so well. I can't end this without saying Jungkook's pronunciation of English words has really improved. He is definitely making huge strides to success. I love these two and BTS so much. Hands down they slayed Army.
Let me know how they affected you with your hearts and comments. Stay strong Army this is not their last attack.
My god, Jungkookie is too perfect. And Namjoon, hell, his voice. This just became the death of me...
Gah this is sooo good! The song is Fools by Troye Sivan....just got the album last week and it is amazing. So cool to see some of my favorite artists work collide.
This ARMY is dead...what a cover. It had me in tears by the end of it.