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I hope you enjoy my would you rather questions I made ^_^! This was really fun but I was up till late so some of the would you rathers get deep but I hope you enjoy it. We make the best things in our tired states XD. In the comments you should tell me what your answers are or even make a post and mention me. For the answers you can put 1 for the first choice or two for the second choice. It's easier that way lol. 1. Would you have Jin rap for you or Suga rap for you? 2. Would you rather find Jungkook beat you in a dance off or open a room finding Rap monster secretly dancing alone? 3. Would you rather Jimin fall on top of you accidently or V falling on top of you purposely? 4. Would you rather beat J-Hope at being siller or beat V at bring weirder? 5. Would you rather fight over Jungkook with Jimin or Fight over food with Jin? 6. Would you rather have J-Hopes hope or Jimins Jams? 7. Would you rather sing with Rap monster or Suga? 8. Would you rather climb a tree with V or Bungee jump with Jungkook? 9.would you rather have Jimins singing voice or Jins eating habits? 10. Would you rather die from kissing Suga or die from V whispering "I love you" in your ear? 11. would you rather fly with the J-Horse or Fly in spaceship with the 4D Alien V? 12. Would you rather be Jungkooks golden Makane or Sugas swag girl? 13. Would you rather be feed by Jin or be seranded by Rap monsters rap? 14. Would you rather dance all day long with Jimin or go on a spinny ride with V a million times in a row? 15. Would you rather touch J-Hopey body or Jungkookies face? 16. Would you rather run with Suga or ride with Jin(in his Van)? 17. Wake up on the beach under the stars with BTS or in the same dorm as them? 18. Would you rather learn how to dance from V and Jungkook or Sing from Jimin and Jin? 19. Would you rather be besties with Suga and J-Hope or Rap mon and V? 20. Would you rather be stuck cleaning the toliet with Jimin or cleaning the dishes with rap monster? 21. Would you rather fangirl over G-Dragon with Jungkook or Psy with V? 22. Would you rather have J-hope confess to you or Suga commanding you to be his pillow for awhile? 23. Would you rather be complimented by Rap monster or by Jin? 24. Would you rather drink the same milkshake as Jungkook or the same spaghetti noodle as Jimin? 25. Would you Rather play in a gingantic ball pit with V or ride a rollercoaster with J-Hope? 25. Would you rather jump on a trampoline with rap monster or ride we a bumper kart with Suga? 26. Would you rather forgot Jungkooks name or forget how Jin eats his food? 27. Would you rather marry Jimin or have V propse to you at Jimins wedding? 28. Would you rather let off fireworks like a maniac with J-hope or Graffiti walls with rap monster? 29. Would you rather have a light saber fight with Jungkook or a water gun fight Suga? 30. Would you rather be remembered by BTS forever and you never know it or have your name said on a live broadcast by all the members of BTS? 31. Would you rather forget about what BTS looks like or forget what they sound like? 32. Would you rather switch clothes with Jungkook or switch bodies with Jimin(omg the irony is awhile back I made a post about if you were stuck in a idols body, who would it be... i chose Jimin XD)? 33. Would you rather swim with the fishes with V or slow dance with Suga? 34. Would you rather love only Jin and no one else in band or be hated only by Suga? 35. Would rather be able to rap all the BTS songs or dance all of the dances perfectly? 35. Would you rather be in a BTS MV as an extra or be BTS manager? 36. Would you rather have Jungkook sing you a song everyday or have V wake you up sweetly every morning? 37. Would you rather Jimin pick put what you wear or Suga buy you rings and gold chains? 38. Would you rather find out rap monster is scared of monsters or that Jin is obsessed with ugly things? 39. Would you rather have BTS drive you to insanity(literally)or have their lyrics so deep into your heart that you die with happiness? 40. Would you rather dance with high heels with V or dance to daddy by PSY with V? 41. Would you rather your BTS Bias throw himself into your arms or you throw yourself into his arms? 42. Would you rather yell "We are bulletproof!" Jungkook and V or "We really need converse!" with rap mon and Suga? 43. Would you rather watch star wars with J-Hope,Suga,Jimin and V or Lord of the rings with Jungkook, rap mon and Jin? 44. Would you rather have a staring contest with V or have a eating contest with Jin? 45. Would you rather laugh until you turn purple with J-hope or say Swag with Suga after almost eveything you guys do? 46. Be a boss with BTS or actually be their boss? 47. Run from the cops with rap monster and V or Suga and Jungkook fight over you? 48. Have a pillow fight with J-Hope or be winked at by Jungkook? 49. Would you rather Jin say you are cute or rap monster say you have got style? 50. Would you rather J-Hope tell you his secret to being happy or telling Jimin about yourself and he listens intently? 51. Would you rather play guitar hero with V or play DDR with Jungkook? 52. Would you rather go to school everyday with BTS or go to Disney with BTS every summer for 2 weeks? 53. Would you rather be older then Jin or Younger then Jungkook? 54. Would you rather BTS spoil you or drool over you? 55. Would you rather piggy back on Jimins back or eat mint ice cream(his hair color XD!) with Suga? 56. Name your kid Jungkook or namjoon? 57. Would you rather have V's voice or Jin's voice? 58. Would your have my ability to write these "would you rathers" at midnight on a night when I have to get up early or have my ability to watch BTS for a long time and act like them in front of your non K-pop friend for hours? 59. Would you rather love BTS so much you can never get married or love BTS so much that this is not reality and everything is an illusion because you are in a coma where you watch BTS everyday and obsess over them all the time? 60. Would you rather watch BTS for 100 years and no other band orBTS watch you watch them for 100 years without? 61. Would you rather all of your hashtags always be autocorrected to BTS for every post for example: Look what I got for Christmas! A new rice cooker (I got a rice cooker for christmas btw guys :D) #BTS #BTS #BTS #BTS #BTS #BTS #or all the spaces in all your sentences on posts be replaced with BTS for example :"TodayBTSIBTSWatchedBTSABTSbirdBTSflyBTSintoBTSmyBTSwindowBTS.ItBTSwasBTStheBTSfunniestBTSthingBTSIBTShaveBTSeverBTSseenXDBTSLOL!!"? 62. Would you rather V steal your potato chips or Suga steal your tea, coffee or soda(it depends on what your favorite drink is)? 63. Would you rather have a sleeping problem where you scream "J-Hope!" all night or have a problem where everytime you date a guy you like, all you can say is "Jimin..." when you kiss him? 64. Would you rather have the ability to see what Suga sees when he dreams or the ability to know how V's mind works? 65. Would you rather be confused that Rap monster is Jin or be confused that Jimin is Jungkook? 66. Would you rather wonder "what is the meaning of BTS?"or wonder "why do I like BTS?"? 67. Would you rather be close to J-Hope or Jungkook think you are cooler than G-Dragon? 68. Would you rather give up your bias forever for a diffrent member or give up on liking 2 people from the band? 69. Would you rather BTS stand for "behind the scenes"or "beat the system"? 70. Would you rather be just a ARMY or be in the Army with BTS? 71. Would you rather be on a laser tag team with Jungkook, Suga, Jimin and G Dragon(to make it even XD) or a team with J-Hope, Jin , rap mon and V? 72. Would you rather wake up to J-Hope and V swimming in your pool or Suga and Jungkook playing on your video game system? 73. Would you rather BTS find your fan fiction you wrote about them or you finding BTS writing a fan fiction about you and them? 74. Would you rather me pick who your bias is or BTS talk about for awhile and then deciede which one you should like? 75. Would you rather go to church with BTS or go to a shrine with BTS? 76. Would you rather find out you actually born the same day as one of the members because your birth certificate was wrong all along or find out that you are the same exact height as one of the members?