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We have all accepted how weird V is.....his faces, his gestures, and most importantly his alien language has all shocked us in the best way possible!! I'm so glad V is so comfortable with his weird self...We could all learn something by looking at how weird V is!!!

Happy B-day to our Alien!!! Enjoy Witnessing Taehyung's Alien Moments!!!

I think V enjoys being weird....and (the Joker)!!

He can just change from being cute or sexy to his Alien self!! Its really funny to watch lol

Yall know I had to put that ladybug costume in here...It was just too good to not use it XD

Don't Ever Change Taehyung!!! You're Are Awesome And Get Well Soon!!

A few videos I found dedicated to our 4D Alien!!!

*Credit to Owners*

Let's Celebrate Our Alien's Day!!! Cute Overdose Will Be Posted Next!! Be On The Lookout!! XD

He's so cute and so funny and I love that about him because he's acting like himself.😍❤
@JohnEvans. idk which one it was in a card and they said that he talked about how he didnt like being called Alien or 4D..
My heartu ❤️❤️❤️
he is so cute
yesss i love the videos
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