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I was tagged by @TessStevens to make a card of my favorite song this year! I gotta say, hands down, Sober by BigBang. This song came out just a few hours before I got on my plane to live in South Korea. I was already in love with the group, but something about the tune gave me a very bitter sweet feeling. As soon as I landed in Korea, this song was playing non stop!! It was everywhere!!!! And again, something about it just made me sit back and take everything in. I tear up every time. I saw them in concert and when this song came on, I cried a lot! It was way after I came back to the states and I missed Korea so much! When I listen to this song, it reminds me of home. :,D It makes me think of the good times, and dream about the amazing future ahead.

What's your favorite song and why?

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"Sober" is one of my favorite BINGBANG songs. Like what @alywoah said, picking a favorite song for me is next to impossible >ㅅ< But a song that I'm really loving (obsessed with) right now is VIXX LR's "Beautiful Liar"! ♡ㅅ♡
Picking a favorite song is so darn hard gahhhh. I think i can say what my favorite genre of music is....and that would be salsa music. It brings me so many happy memories of my family and my youth. I am also the most happiest person on the planet when I am dancing salsa.
Nice!! When my family plays music like Selena or Linda Ronstadt my inner Mexican comes alive!@alywoah