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TBH I have totally lost respect for EXO now...like seriously this childish....uuuuuuuuugggggghhh im trying so damn hard to not scream and cuss on this card...
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So I guess that I'm allowed to say that the person that posted that sh^t has a chicken brain. Well forgive me if you are offended but does it mean that when T.O.P says "You like!" i can not use it on my IG account. Come on airheads, Exo were not among those came out with English words or Korean whatever. Lets at least still maintain our sanity when fangirling or fanboying. ^^^*** Let's Love^^^**. Mind you I'm not biased, i'm multiple fandom
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@PricelessEyibio ok first yea offended since I posted this and two if u dont think its true why comment? why you gotta offend someone? why cant u think to urself about ur comment and just keep looking on, no need to stop and call people a chicken shit....pretty fuckin rude...
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@AnnaArai ooh did i put it the wrong way? when i said posted i didn't mean your card but rather the person that made Bts Maknae pic as that at a funeral and i wrote the post to offend that person even though he or she might not see it so the comment was not for your card but rather for the person that cursed Jongkook according to Koreaboo.
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This was made up by Koreaboo. They wanted to stir up some controversy just to have something to write about.
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