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Punch Jin or Suga (another one?! oh geez..)
I'm not sure if I could punch Jin
But punching Suga may open a whole different can of worms...
I've already disappointed Jin, and I've already fought Suga...urg! I don't like this one. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo...
Suga....I guess. I don't wanna punch either of them.
I'd punch Suga on the arm and then hug him right afterwards 😊😊
hmm...@krin u have a point. nvr says where we have to punch him! arm works for me, n i wuldnt punch him hard. then, like u said, hug after!
I'd probably punch Suga, 'cause I might get sued for a lot of money for punching Jin in his beloved face.