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Hey guys sup this is kalyan so who do you think is the best anime cook it can be anyone as long he/she are in an anime and you can also comment the characters by ranking them 1,2....5 and how many you want and also i promise as always i will be reading all your comments and liking your comments. i will also pick the top 5-6 chracters you voted and in a few days i will announce them and then will have a battle in 1. looks- handsome/beautiful 2. power- how strong he/she is 3. most liked- more votes, comedic. ok so let me know in the comments section below your vote does count. until then next time guy's see ya.
Asuna can't cook because cooking isn't tapping an object to cut it up to put in a pot or pan to cook for less than the recommended time
Nyanta from log horizon
Asuna, Mirajane, Brock, Erza ,Haruhi,Wendy,
definitely not Misa Amane, that girl couldnt cook to save her life.
soma from food wars
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