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Hey guys sup this is kalyan so who do you think is the best anime cook it can be anyone as long he/she are in an anime and you can also comment the characters by ranking them 1,2....5 and how many you want and also i promise as always i will be reading all your comments and liking your comments. i will also pick the top 5-6 chracters you voted and in a few days i will announce them and then will have a battle in 1. looks- handsome/beautiful 2. power- how strong he/she is 3. most liked- more votes, comedic. ok so let me know in the comments section below your vote does count. until then next time guy's see ya.
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Sebastian michaelis, Hinata Hyuga 馃槏, and Brock Harrison Oh nurse joy ur the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on
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Mirajane Strauss
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Asuna, Mirajane, Brock, Erza ,Haruhi,Wendy,
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juvia lockhart
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