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Hahahaha! The "poor rich nerd guy." Hahahahaha! They're all adorable.
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lol I love the idea that Raj could be gay though.. it keeps me guessing! and his femininity cracks me up!
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Yes! Does anyone remember this? Howard: Wow, so you guys are like buds now? Raj: Oh, yeah, we hang out all the time. Plus, he doesn't have a girlfriend. Stuart: I don't have a girlfriend. Raj: It's like we both had these holes in our lives, but now we fill each other's holes. LMAO. So wrong Raj. So wrong.
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@chasinghapiness LMFAO!!!! That's beautiful and classic Raj. @shoenami That's also very true, sis.
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@chasinghapiness @YinofYang I couldn't stop laughing on that scene!! I love Raj and Stuart!
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