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as promise here's the pic and the card I am so utterly HAPPY. Can you tell from my cheesy Grin... Yes Thank you for my GDragon postcard.
😍😍😍cant wait for mine😍😍😍
@DawanaMason These specific postcards got sent to me from a company as a gift along with some other stuff that I'll be putting in a giveaway (but I order a lot of stuff from them, the product isn't up on the official site for sale. So I I'll check out and see if I can find out where they get them from :P)
Aww your so adorable ~(^.^)~ Im really glad you like it and I hope that you have a wonderful day :) (I have another giveaway in mind so dont leave to soon lol)
Please do, I'll be looking forward to seeing the amazing cards you find and come up with :D @VeronicaArtino
oh I will forever tag in all my cards related gd or bigbang and anything I think you might like
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