Do you like the new Harley and joker? or do you miss the old ones? let me know which crazy ones you like better
I agree with @shannonl5. but i will always favor the old school over the new school!!!
It's hard to say without seeing Suicide Squad, but Arleen Sorkin will pretty much always have my heart when it comes to Harley. Ditto that for Mark Hamill and The Joker. It's not to say I'm not interested to see what these new versions of the characters are like, but I'll probably love the first ones the most. Though I will say that the comics with Harley and Ivy together are some of my all-time favorites!
Old Joker all day. new one is a fucking joke with silver teeth like bitch ass "thugs", and... I like the Harley Quinn from Batman Arkam series. S.S. Harley Quinn is annoying based on the trailers, and the spandex jumpsuit old Harley was annoying.
@LadyLuna plus Arleen Sorkin is the reason Harley even exists so I've gotta respect that :D