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Heard of 'Bordertown?'

The new show is actually coming out soon on FOX, Jan. 3, 2016. It's a satirical show, that takes the same kind of humor that Family Guy does.
The show is about fictitious border town called 'Mexifornia.' It focuses on two neighbors: one is a undocumented Mexican immigrant, the other is a U.S. border patrol agent. I am actually very curious about this show. Family Guy is known for its offensive humor, so we'll see how far they push buttons on this show. The show will include several Latino writers.
Consulting producer Gustavo Arellano tells Fusion how important humor is to tackle serious issues. He's right -- if only the humor is done tactfully, of course.
“Latinos are extremely misrepresented in Hollywood,” says popular Latino cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz, who co-wrote two Bordertown episodes. “Shows like this will lead to more shows written by Chicano/Latino writers. That’s how it works. In fact, three of the writers have already sold new shows to the networks, and we haven’t even aired.” (Fusion)

Check out this preview from the show:

Looks like I'll be checking out this show in a few days!

I'm going to watch it too! :D
Omg, I CAN'T WAIT. Ernesto's house looks like every house in San Diego lol.
@nicolejb for sure!!!
@alywoah You bet! I'm so excited :) It's about time too.
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