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Ádám Horváth used the Unreal Engine's Augmented Reality Plugin in order to make his desk an fight scene. It's kind of amazing to watch as it's happening and it's hard to believe that technology has gone this far and made it possible for us to put 3D Models into the real world.
He took the animations from the Unreal Engine Matinee Fight Scene tech demo (below) and used them to make the fight scene (above) happen. To be completely honest with you guys, I don't really know too much about how this actually works. I mean, I'm more of a consumer of games and less of a creator of them, so the technological stuff and the logistics of making this work go over my head. But I do know that Unreal Engine 4 is available for free now, so if you're a bit of an engineer you should check it out.
That being said, one of the most interesting things to me about this video is that possibilities of what might come next. It's cool to watch a scene play out in front of you on your coffee table. But imagine what kind of games we could be playing with this kind of technology. I could imagine putting on some kind of goggles or something and playing whatever game in your living room. It wouldn't get in the way of other people in the room since you'd be the only one who could see what's going on.
It'd be an amazing experience in my opinion. And I hope I get to play something like that in my lifetime.