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"Haylor" is stronger than ever.

Calvin Harris is officially public on Instagram after going private at the beginning of December. Fans were outraged that Taylor Swift's beau took a hiatus from the picture sharing site. However, Harris has remained primarily inactive even with his millions of followers. He only posted a picture of Jimmy Fallon with his album, a snowman, some videos from performing on Jimmy Fallon, and a picture of his avatar on what looks like a soccer video game. Of course, Harris came back to the public with a picture of he and Swift.
Harris has been known to make waves in social media. From arguments with Zayn Malik to changing his avatar to the lion from Swift's music video "Wildest Dreams", he always has a strange presence online. Though tabloids claimed that Harris and Swift's relationship was on the rocks, they surely aren't showing any signs of weakness. Harris is one of the first boyfriends of Swift who she hasn't 'shaken off' and fans love it. However, if he ever makes the wrong move, Swift will break up with him and then release a hit single about their relationship since she does that will all of her ex lovers.

Do you follow Calvin Harris?

Calvin is not on my radar whatsoever. But I really appreciate his ability to be himself, regardless of the fallout, such as the public fights, rants, and changing of photos.
Totally, @marshalledgar I think you can tell he is himself at least in his music
I don't! But it's sweet to see things are still blossoming with T-Swift! :) I think they should probably make some music together!!!