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Guys, I'm not going to post lyrics anymore. Why? Well,
1.No one wants English lyrics, and if they do they don't want them posted here. I mean, there's like 20 websites/people I can name on the top of my head in which it's literally their job to post English lyrics. (kpoplyrics.net, colorcodedlyrics.com, yankat on YouTube, even Tumblr users have blogs for them)
2. I have little time to sit and translate and type up and learn members of groups and all. I'm a high schooler guys, I'm crammed with stuff. I'm in advanced classes, so i have way too much homework, and I'm taking Drivers Ed in a few weeks. Finals are coming up after break as well.
3.No one seems to care about my posts anyway. It seems like people just see them and click 'Like' then continue scrolling. and I'm mainly the only one who pins them. and that's bc I have too to post them lol. I mean, I barely get any comments.
So as I was saying, I don't have very much time. I used to dedicate all my free time (which isn't a lot of time) to make posts and with hardly anyone even seeing them, I feel as though it was a waste of my time, that's why I stopped. But I thought I would tell you why I'm officially stopping.
This does not mean I'm leaving Vingle. I will still comment on cards and like and all that stuff. Will I post anything at all? Maybe idk. If I get an Idea I will. All my lyric posts I have posted may be deleted (not sure yet), and no new posts will appear.
Wether I post or not, there is one thing that will stay the same, and that's that I love you guys. (So does Vernon and The8)
Merry (Late) Christmas and Happy New Year guys! Love, ~Madison ❤ (This is me BTW. idk of you guys have ever seen me lol. I don't even think most of you knew my name lol)