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So the preliminaries are over and Yusuke won his previous battle against Oga and Gon won his against Hibana! I'm going to use the same stats from last time so you can make any judgement or if you don't know a character you can use the stats to determine who you think would win!


- Yu Yu Hakashu Basic Traits: • Immense Stamina • Immense Strength • Immense Speed Special Moves: • Spirit Gun • Raizen Transformation


- Hunter X Hunter Basic Traits: • Enhance Type Nen User – This means his basic abilities are amplified greatly when using his aura • Ability to hide himself from the enemy for days • Highly Advanced Sense of Smell – Great for tracking, superior to a dog • Enhanced Sight – Great for tracking and moving/fighting in the dark • Enhanced Taste – Can taste poisons and things thought to be tasteless • Enhanced Inhuman Strength • Enhanced Speed and Reflexes – Avoid attacks and can create afterimages • Enhanced Agility – Fast counters and can attack from nearly any position • Enhanced Stamina – Nearly impossible to tire him out • Enhanced Durability – Extremely difficult to cause harm to him • Enhanced Endurance – Able to withstand huge amounts of injuries and still be able to win a fight • Enhanced Adaptability – Unaffected by low oxygen levels or temperature • Poison Resistence • Healing Factor – Injuries heal in a fraction of the time it should take • Keen Intellect – Thinks outside the box, instinct and confidence to follow through • Proficient Strategist – Can plan out whole battles and anticipate enemy moves and counters • Hand to Hand Combat / Weapons Specialist Special Moves: • Jajanken – 3 moves using his hatsu
o Rock – Devastating close range attack using his fist and energy o Paper – Weakest attack, long range emitting of energy from the palm o Scissors – Mid range attack, transmuted blades of energy from middle and index fingers
• Limitation Trandformation – Can transform into an older version of himself and over power most enemies no matter who they are Weapon: • Fishing Rod – Blunt object or whip, can grab things from a great distance
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boy ya'll r crazy, I like gon 2, but Yusuke would kick gon ass; even tho gon fought some strong fighters, at his top strength he still couldn't defeat king or the old man. ps: at least Yusuke fought the main strongest villain gon didnt, but he's still my favorite anime character.