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Y\N= Your Name You were walking home from the store since it was only around the corner. You saw a group of guy walking behind you and hollering at you. You turned around and saw the group of guys. There where at least 5 of them. They started to walk faster so you started to walk faster. Then you just started running and they started chasing after you. You ran until you couldn't see them anymore. And then you saw one of the guy from the group cover your mouth with a white cloth and you slowly became unconscious. Mean while your boyfriend jackson wanted to take you out on a date so he enter your apartment with a spare key you gave him. He saw that your coat was gone so he went out and waited until you came back 4 minutes went by and he knew something was wrong. He went around the block and asked if anyone saw you. Nobody said yes. So finally he was going back to your apartment until he saw your purse on the floor. Jackson froze and picked up your purse and ran to some places. You on the other hand was being dragged and  put in a abandon factory shop that was use to make toys but closed down because of murdering.(I know pretty mess up right) You finally became conscious and you had tape over your mouth. One of the guys saw you awake and called there leader. Their leader saw you and started laughing. Their leader asked you if your awake. You thought well you see my eyeball right and you see my arm and legs moving right dumbass do I need to flip over or something. But since you couldn't talk you just nodded.  The leader started walking towards you with something in his hand. His member came behind you and grabbed you and and hung your hand by the roped on the ceiling. The leader came near you with the thing in his hand. You saw what was in his hand. It was a metal bar. You started screaming for help but it was to late they had already started beating you. After jackson saw your purse he started running but then stop because he was tired. Jackson herd screaming and knew it was you because every time you scream you have a little squeal at the end. Jackson started running and found abandon factory shop. He slowly peak and saw you bleeding at your knees and from your mouth. The guys saw jackson and started chasing after him. Jackson waited until one guy was about to hit him but jackson got quickly stole his bat and started beating him and then knock out the rest of the guys beside the leader. The leader came behind jackson with a bat and tried to hit his head but soon jackson turn around and pepper sprayed the leader in the eyes. The leader fell on the floor with the bat hitting his face. Jackson ran up to you and started crying. All you said was jackson and  then you became unconscious. Jackson called the hospital and the ambulance and the police came. The police asked what happen to the people on the floor. Jackson answered that the people on the floor tried to kill you. The police said okay and let jackson off. ~~~~At the hospital~~~~ You were rushed to the emergency room for surgery. Jackson was asked to sit outside of the surgery. ~~~~2 hour later~~~~ The doctor came out and said the surgery was a success but the baby didn't make it. Jackson had mixed emotions right now because he never knew about the baby. You nevered told him about the baby. Honestly you nevered knew about the baby either. The doctor told jackson that you were only 12 weeks pregnant. Jackson walked in the room seeing your lifeless body there. He was stilled shocked about the baby thing. He went over and sat down next to you. He held your hand and waited for you to wake up. You finally woke up and turned your head and saw jackson next to you. Smiled and felt something missing in your body you didn't know what it was but you ignored it. Jackson saw you awake and hugged you. He asked you about the baby. You were shocked by his words. The baby? I was pregnant? What? I thought I was just getting fat. That's all that came out your mouth. Jackson just sat there giggling at you. Y\n jackson said. Hm you answered backed. Promise me that you wont get hurt ever again jackson said with a worried but serious face. But what happens if i get hurt like this again you said with a worried but sad face. Then I will protect you he said with a serious face. You blushed at his words and said okay. Then you kissed his cheek. A\N Hope you enjoyed this one. Just posted this one on my wattpad too if you guys want me to write a story about your bias or and k-idol just message me or write in the comments thank you.
He could protect me anytime
I LOVE IT! ❤❤❤