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This year a lot of bad things happened around the world. But nothing impacted me more than the Refugee Crisis. We are facing the greatest displacement of humans since WWII.

Here are just some basic facts that astound me.

-13.5 million people in Syria need humanitarian assistance
- 4.3 million Syrians are refugees, and 6.6 million are displaced within Syria; half are children
- More than 3,200 have perished this year, including Aylan, a little Syrian boy whose photo touched hearts around the world.
Source: World Vision.
One of the images burned in my brain is the image of a Syrian boy's body washed up on the shore, his boat sunk in an attempt to seek refuge in Europe.

This really put things into perspective for me.

As a child I never once had to worry about where I would live, where I would get food, and if my parents would survive along with me on the journey to receive these needs. I live in a country where I never have to worry about fleeing my homeland because an army is shooting down my village, or because enemies burned down my home.
I never worried about my access to education, home, water and basic human rights.
Some days I complain about being a broke just-out-of-college kid, not knowing what will happen to my future. But then I remember little Aylan who didn't even get a chance to live. I think about how fortunate I am that I was born into the world that I am, and given the privileges that I have.

These are beautiful, precious human beings that deserve the rights that I already have. The deserve to live happily and safely.

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I'm tagging my lovely friends @ChosenKnight @EasternShell @misterE and @ButterflyBlu
ok. I'm for the challenge. This will be my first card. 😅No pressure here.
It comes down to one thing, and you said it, Nic: "They deserve to live happily and safely." Every time I see the picture, I think of my own son and I just want to cry. :'(
I'm sure you will kill it!! @EasternShell :D
It's a similar issue @orenshani7 I just wanted to share with you too!