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Hey guys! Check out the new Pokemon League Champion! I did what Ash still hasn't been able to do lol. Even though I've done it so many times before, I still get all proud whenever I pull it off. This is in Soul Silver Version by the way. You guys want to meet my unstoppable team?

First up is my Tyrant. He's a Tyranitar that I caught as a Larvitar and trained all the way up to be the beast he is now. Can't wait for him to learn hyper beam. Not gonna lie but he's my favorite. He's my favorite on my team and he's my favorite Pokemon period. Tyranitar. Just sounds badass doesn't it? Would prefer him to drop the rock type and gain the dark type when he evolves from Pupitar instead of dropping the ground type. But there's nothing I can do about that.
Next up is my Lapras named Flippers because of his flippers obviously. Since he's water and ice hybrid type I gave him two water moves and two ice moves. This move set is a no-brainer. We have surf to make up for the accuracy issue of hydro pump, yet is almost as powerful. Same goes for ice beam with sheer cold except for the fact that sheer cold is a one-hit KO. So yeah. Lapras. My favorite water-ice hybrid. Love his water absorb ability. And how well-rounded his stats are.
Up next is Espeon which is arguably one of the best Eeveelutions out there. Then again it could be argued that any of them is the best depending on your preference so I'm not gonna get into that. The only issue I have with him is the fact that it takes time and a high level for him to start learning the big psychic type moves like psychic or future sight. Didn't even learn psybeam until he was in his thirties. On another note, do you like my name choice for him? I named him Apollo because if Umbreon is like the moon then Espeon is like the sun so it only makes sense to name him after the Greek God of the Sun (and poetry and art but that's not relevant). And just look at that special attack. Phenomenal.
Next is my Dragonite named Zephyr after the badge I got for beating Claire and gaining the right to get him. But yeah Dragonite has always been my favorite dragon-type. Mainly because he looks so cool but innocent at the same time. Also notice how he knows thunderpunch? That's because I don't have room for an electric type on my team yet I still wanted to incorporate it somehow. So I used a heart scale to get the move re-learner to teach him thunderpunch. Had to remove dragon pulse to do it but there are always sacrifices. Love draco meteor though.
And then there's my Gengar. Joker is the perfect name for a Gengar I think because in the show Gengar was always a troublemaker. Once again, check out that special attack. Good Lord. But that defense is atrocious though. I love the hypnosis-nightmare combo for Gengar. Also I like him with sludge bomb. It's weird that he's a poison type yet learns no poison type moves. Had to teach him sludge bomb from a TM. But it suits him well.
And last, but certainly not least, my pokemon I've been with the longest and my favorite fire type pokemon of any generation, everyone say hello to Cynder, my Typhlosion. This guy is incredible. His special attack is great which complements the moves he learns by leveling up. And he has the potential to learn the strongest fire type moves in the pokemon universe. As you can see he already knows blast burn and he learns eruption in a few levels. I could go to the super store in Goldenrod and buy the TM for fire blast and teach it to him but I prefer flamethrower. It's barely weaker than fire blast and has a much higher accuracy. Besides once he learns eruption I'm gonna teach him overheat which is much stronger than fire blast. And cooler looking. Also want to get a fire type power boosting item for him.
Well guys this is my favorite and ultimate team. Think you can take them? Let me know what your number one team is in the comments. Or better yet make a card and tag me in it. I figured you might be interested in this @VinMcCarthy. Don't know if you guys like Pokemon or not but I'm tagging you anyway lol @danidee @shannonl5 @CreeTheOtaku
@VinMcCarthy I'm glad to hear you say that. I put a lot of thought into this team and actually ended up switching out some of them. In the end after a lot of research and critical thinking I decided on these guys.
XD could be XD but i need to migrate them to my Y version cause right now their just sitting in my platinum storage box.
Oho it kinda sounds like you're issuing a challenge 馃榿馃槑
Feraligator is my favorite pokemon so whatever team I created around him, it was a while ago so I forget who the other guys were, so I figure if he knows water, ice, and dark attacks then I can match him well with the other. That team I just named, at that time, had at least 14 of the 17move types, not including fairy cause they weren't around then, and these guys just roll over everyone. Only one of my 5 good friends has managed to beat them XD
And I will admit that I love your team as well. See every time I get a new Pok茅mon game or play a new walk through after trading my team over to a newer game I NEVER pick the same Pok茅mon in trying to assemble another team. I literally have about 54 pokemon from all my teams. Each one is different with different strenghts and advantages. If I had to pick out of all of them to make a team Id pick my Gengar, Charizard, Feraligator, Dragonite, Torterra, and Joltic
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