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Tonight I will be dreaming of a princess, a lazy sweetheart, a jellyfish, a man with a dancing face, a puppy, an alien and a half alien-half human hybrid...
Lol I am sure everyone knows why RapMon is a man with a dancing face, and why Jimin is a puppy, but Kookie could be defined as half alien himself(maybe TaeTae has rubbed off on him), and Hobi is a jellyfish because half of the time he moves his body in ways humans shouldnt be able to... I have likened his movements to that of a jellyfish, fluid and almost boneless... Definitely not humanly...
Anyways I have to head to bed, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow in the morning... I love you all!!!
And now for tagging my usual peeps...
Good Night!!! <3
Night night.Hope it goes well.