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N, the adorable leader, how cute is he?
So precious
I just wanna cuddle him
So cute:)
Too adorable!! Ugh my feels. I hope you enjoyed N! Next is Ken!!!:)
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he's such an amazing leader, he's sweet, loves to make the others feel involved and he's just super adorable. can I also comment that every person I consider the mother of the group literally looks/acts like a mom and even has a little mom like dance?! so cute!
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Thanks for killing me. I have one request, please invite all of VIXX to my funeral. 馃槣
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@QueenLee I will send them all an invite right away! Aha:)
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@LenaBlackRose Yes yes yes! He's absolutely wonderful!
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@kpopandkimchi I would absolutely love that
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