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Here's chapter 4! Took a little longer because of holidays and being sick but here it is! Another chapter from Taehyung's point of view! Let me know what you guys think ^_^... I really need to do something with a title picture. Any ideas? Any would be greatly appreciated! That way I can use the same one for every chapter! Consistency lol anyway enjoy the chapter Chapter: One, Two, Three, Five, Six


School has gotten so much better now that I have a friend to talk to. It’s like a whole new place when there is someone to talk and play with; a month ago I never would have thought I’d enjoy going to school. It’s such a weird thing to say. “Who would have thought my first friend would be an American, and a girl at that. I shouldn’t say first friend, but it’s been a few years since I had someone I could call that. I wonder what happened that made people not want to be friends with me… Well, it’s not like I’d ever be able to ask someone that so I guess I won’t know.” I shake my head trying to get rid of these annoying thoughts. “Whatever! Doesn’t matter now since Nel is here and she isn’t embarrassed to talk to me. I can only hope that won’t change.” “Taehyung, good morning!” Oh, it’s Nel! I keep worrying that she won’t come back to school, I probably don’t need to worry anymore. “Oh, morning Nel! Did you finish the homework you were having trouble on?” “No. I could not figure it out. Please will you help me with it?” “Sure! But you need to learn to read soon or you’ll always need my help.” Oh, don’t say something like that! Pretty soon she will and she won’t need my help anymore; what use will I be when that happens? ... “Thank you very much. When you help it gets done a lot faster. It is probably done better too. You are so smart.” “I’m just telling you the directions and what the questions say. You’re still doing the work and your answers are usually better than mine. But thanks for thinking I’m smart.” Ha! Me smart? Funny. She’s smarter than I am, but at least I can help her. “…Nel, isn’t your dad Korean? Why doesn’t he ever help you?” You did it again! Stop giving her ideas or she won’t need your help anymore. “He came here to work. He just started out at his new job so he needs to work more than usual; he should be around more often after more time.” What’s that all about? She’s not usually that quiet, I could barely hear what she said. “Are you oka-” -ring- Dang bell. I don’t think she was listening anyway. Still, I wonder why she was acting like that all of a sudden. I bet she’s sad about her dad being gone at work. … “Ugh, math class took forever! I’m so hungry I can’t wait to eat! I almost started eating it halfway through class, ya know.” I’ll try to cheer her up, she always laughs when I exaggerate things. “Taehyung you are very loud. It is funny to hear what you say.” I knew that would help a little. “Yeah, well it’s a lot funnier to hear what you say with that strange way you talk.” Oops, that probably wasn’t the nicest thing to say. I know! If I stick my tongue out she’ll know I’m just kidding!... Good, she laughed, that was close. As we start eating our lunches in the cafeteria, I notice it again. I hope she won’t realize the way other kids are always moving away from us. They aren’t too obvious about it like they used to be, so that’s a good thing. For whatever reason they aren’t quite as rude anymore now that I have Nel around. They must not want to hurt her feeli-she’s doing it again! When will she learn? -swat- “Hey! That hurt!” “Don’t be a baby I barely touched you; and quit trying to steal my food! You do it every day and every day I notice you. Pretty soon I’ll start hitting you harder.” My food is really the only thing I don’t like sharing, she needs to figure that out. “You do that without looking at me. I still do not know how. You should be nice and let me try that. You always hit me, so I think it is only fair. What is it?” Your hand doesn’t hurt so quit holding it like it does, do I look dumb to you? “Ah, that’s kimchi. I don’t think you’d like it Nel.” “You just do not want to share. I think it looks real good! Can I try it, please! I will stop trying to take your food everyday if you give me a bite!” So she does know I don’t like to share, she just doesn’t care. Ugh, well there’s a chance she’ll stop doing it if I give her one bite, worth a shot. “Fine just take some. But don’t get mad at me if you think it tastes gross, you’re the one who wants it.” “It is different but it is good. Did your mom make it?” “Yeah she likes cooking.” Well that’s surprising, but my mom’s food is amazing, that’s pretty much why I bring a lunch to school now. Well, that and to keep Nel from feeling like she’s weird being the only kid bringing a lunch every day. “She is very good at cooking! Your food always looks yummy. I might have to keep stealing it every day.” “Well you said you wouldn’t, so if you do it again I get to smack your hand harder, remember that Nel.” I’m certainly not surprised she didn’t keep that promise but I hope she knows that I’m serious when I say I’m going to start smacking that hand of hers harder. We joked and talked through lunch but I can’t stop myself from looking around when I feel peoples’ stares burning into me. I’m glad she doesn’t notice them; but I can’t ignore it. I have gotten so sensitive that I can’t ignore the feeling of being stared at. It must not have been like this at her old school; she’s so nice that I’m sure she had a lot of friends… Well, she probably won’t be making any anytime soon if she keeps on letting me hang around her… I hope she never notices.
By the way did anybody think that J-Hope was coming in to the story because of the chapter name? Sorry if you were disappointed ^_^
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awe thats so sad.
@justcallmekyki Yeah, he's got some pretty bad social anxiety. I know what it's like to have that irritating commentary going through your head saying what you did was dumb or you need to fix a situation. But for a kid without friends, who makes a friend I felt like it only made sense. Ya know?
I feel so sorry for taehyung
Lol I was expecting J-Hope xD but I love how this story is going
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