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Well, Panic at the Disco fans, it's that time of year again, where we wait in anticipation for yet another long awaited release. "Death of a Bachelor" will be the first studio album where all founding members have fully departed, save for lead singer Brendon Urie.
Whether you miss the old line-up or are just stoked that the band is back, one thing is for certain: you will fall madly in love with Brendon Urie all over again as soon as you watch the new music video for "Death of a Bachelor", the album's title track.
Taking cues from Justin Timberlake, Frank Sinatra, and other crooners, Urie is obviously trying to cement himself as some kind of 21st Century heart-throb, and man does he succeed. The video reminds me of Suit and Tie, another 21'st Century pop track that defends the classics, yet propels us into the future of music. I love tracks and visuals that give us that context. It's vintage cool, completely different and brand new for 2016.
The track itself is flawless, marrying the EDM fortitude of a real musician and the crooning vocals of a Michael Buble spin-off, "Death of a Bachelor" could be the soundtrack of your spring.
Brendon Urie might be striking out on his own, but damn, he looks good doing it.
Death of a Bachelor hits iTunes on January 15th.
WATCH IT @arnelli it's so good. And the song!!!!!!
Trust me you will! He's 24 in a couple months but to me he is always the little bro that has my back. He was a freshman the year I was a senior and already taller than me and he never knew how I was bullied until he saw it that year and he stopped it! He was really popular even as a freshman and he stood up for me and it stopped. It started one day I was at my locker and a mixed group of boys and girls were making fun of me and he walked up with his friends and he was just like "Seriously!?! No, this better not happen again or you will seriously regret it..." They got mouthy and he pulled out the angry sarcasm and made them look stupid and they stopped. He was so shocked to see what I went through every day he was amazed I was always so happy at home. But he was at home. We always played video games after school and rode bikes and I had stood up for him when he was in elementary school when he had glasses and got picked on. He didn't understand why I never asked for help or told our dad. I just told him it was my problem and it was just school and I just did what I needed to do and I went home. At home he and I and sometimes his friends would play basketball or tennis or baseball or ride bikes and it all went away. His friends always told him I was so pretty so when they saw me getting picked on they said they didn't understand. I just told them jealous people are bitter people and even though I wasn't stuck up about it I had a lot of guy friends whose girlfriends hated me. But I don't fight back I don't like to cause trouble and the one time I got physically attacked the school wouldn't do anything so I gave up and just hoped to graduate. Life is so much better now. I loved learning in school I just hated the social aspect.
He has my back always. So naturally no one is ever good enough lol. I'm sure someday someone will be but not today lol
My brother just bought a red blazer like Brendon's it is so crazy! All my friends think he is amazing looking and I'm just like hands off the baby bro ladies. He may be 24 BUT he's always my baby bro! Lol
This guy is gorgeous and my brother loves this group. He also does his hair like Brendon and I must say I have one handsome brother lol. One proud sister over here haha. Can't wait to jam with my younger bro to this! Good times await! 馃檪馃帀
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