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Hello my SPN fans! I'm L A Von York, known also as L A Von Winchester! I'm super excited to say that I'm the Mod of this growing community.
So as the SPN mod, I would love to see the community grow and see my fellow Winchesters fly to the top of the Fandom food chain. We will have games, laughter and straight up SPN talk! If you have a friend that loves SPN please feel free to invite them over to the community! Remember we love everyone here at the Winchester compound!
I do have so many plans to share with everyone and I am looking forward to hear about what can improve our Supernatural Community. As the Mod, I promise to protect the community and try to keep this community fun and interesting. My policy's as Mod : I have an open DM policy, you have a problem come chat with me. We can get through it together. As I said to my fellow Mercs with mouths over at Marvel. DM if you butt itches, I don't mind. This is why we have Google and Yahoo answers. We will find what you need!
I'm a friendly person and I want everyone in SPN to feel happy and welcomed. Together we can do what is awesome for this Fandom! Rules will come to follow. But I just wanted to extend a virtual hug to you guys here. L A Von Winchester
@LAVONYORK You're very welcome :)
Thank you @Annaharris1989 😀😀
Yeah! *throws fist into the air* Congratulations!
I'm so happy for you!
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