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He was abused and hated He was afraid and berated He drank ammonia, and his childhood was crappy But he did it all just to make her happy He was a child, and he begged for help But she twisted their minds like water twists kelp He wanted to be free of this woman's tight grasp But all they could do was stand there agasp He went to foster care and tried to make friends But when he went to school, they threw pencils and pens He joined the armed forces to make his dad proud But his father was a mess, and he wouldn't make a sound He got a girlfriend and made new life And as time passed on, he then had a wife She didn't love him, only his brothers But the she that I'm talking about, is the one called his mother. @MadHouseRomance @GrowingArt
Yay!! I feel proud of my writing now :3
*claps hands and nods* I give my thumbs up.
You're welcome @GrowingArt
I really like your style! Keep it up, I look forward to seeing more. And thank you so much for tagging me!
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