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Summary: You had always heard of women finding out unexpectedly that their boyfriend was cheating. But how many could say they sat there and watched the attraction unfold?
He caught you staring at them. He always did, and it made him angry. He’d been so very understanding, admittedly he did snap at one point, but practically overnight, he was back to his come-into-my-arms-I-will protect-you self. How did you make him like this? He didn’t like you, romantically that is. That was for sure. The thought of you as his official girlfriend did nothing to him. He liked touching you though. He liked the way you’d hang onto his every word. He liked how small you felt in his arms, and how your cool hands felt on his bare skin. He loved how he could garner all your attention just by walking in the room. He also loved how that made Jimin squirm. Jungkook shifted his gaze from your face over to where you were staring. He focused on Jimin’s head turned in their direction; more specifically, his grin. Furrowing his brows, he mentally backtracked and took everything in again. There was Jimin and Eunsae pausing from their makeout session on the couch in the living room. There was Jimin smirking back at him, and there was you, sitting beside him on his bed, which oddly enough had a perfect view of the living room couch when the door was open.
Which it was. Jungkook blinked several times, clearing his head from all those hazy thoughts. Perhaps the members were right in saying that he spaced out too much. Instinctively, his arm wrapped around your shoulders, pulling you into his chest to shield you from Jimin’s taunting grin. Next, the man’s light laughter resounded around the room and Jungkook felt you flinch. He frowned at his hyung, wanting to retort, but honestly not knowing what was going on. Had you been watching them make out? Did his spacing out make it look like he was staring as well? How awkward it must’ve been for Jimin and Eunsae to pause in their lip locking only to see that two people younger than them had been watching the entire time. However, that didn’t explain Jimin’s smile. His eyes had been focused on you though. Jungkook frowned, was Jimin mocking you? Jimin’s laughter faded as he watched Jungkook bury his face into your hair. Jungkook whispered something to you, causing you to look up at him and Jimin felt his heart skip at how close your faces were from each other. A breath a relief escaped his lips when you immediately placed a hand on the maknae’s shoulder, pushing him back. His eyes followed the curve your your hand wrapped around his younger brother’s arm and Jimin found himself absently biting his lip. He sighed, remembering how he’d pull you into his lap and the first thing you’d do was run your cold index finger down the bridge of his nose lightly. At first he had laughed at you, but as time progressed he found it rather arousing, often trying to nip teasingly at your fingertip before pulling you into a smothering kiss.
Eunsae quirked a brow at the way Jimin’s eyes unfocused and how he shivered visibly. She touched his thigh and he jumped, suddenly focusing on her. “What?” he quickly spoke. She shook her head, glancing over her shoulder to where he had been ogling. All she saw was Jungkook unraveling his headphones, handing a bud to you only to snatch it back and hand you the other. Eunsae’s looked back to her boyfriend, “What were you thinking about, Jiminnie?” What he was thinking was how uninterested Eunsae acted around him even though he was pretty much bending over backwards just to get her to look at him. What also bothered him was even though it hurt, he’d do it again in a heartbeat if it meant she’d glance at him once more. Quite often, Eunsae would be too busy to spend time with him or talk, but he still checked his phone constantly. His desperate need to be with her was tiring and he frequently wondered if this was how you felt when he dated you. If someone could read Jimin’s thoughts, they would have to be pretty impressed at how his lying had improved. Without a problem, he smiled at Eunsae, tugging her into his lap,”You.” He admitted. It wasn’t a complete lie; he had been thinking about her. She smiled, raising a hand up to his face. He shivered again, licking his lips in anticipation and tilting his head up to her. To his dismay, she ran her fingers through his hair, and his smile faded. She paused, frowning at him.
“Why’d you turn away?” Jungkook looked incredulously at you,”Why’d you rub my nose!?” He tugged you closer to straddle his lap. Pulling away one his hands from your back, he raised a single finger to your face; using his other hand to hold you flush against him. “Ah, stop squirming Y/N. You’re going to know how weird it feels.” He smiled teasingly down at you, but it quickly melted into a smoldering look at he slowly ran his index finger down the bridge of your nose. You sneezed, causing him to erupt into another fit of laughter. The maknae crossed his legs, steading you with his hands as you lurched forward. You pulled away from him with little resistance. Unlike Jimin, who’d tug and whine when you tried to move away from him, Jungkook would let you go immediately. Seated beside him, you rubbed your nose and admitted,” It is a bit weird.” Jungkook looked down at you and smiled,” “Who did you even do that to anyway?” He mumbled, rubbing at his nose. You avoided looking at his face, “Jimin.” Shifting away from Jungkook you added,”I don’t think he liked it either.” In the next room, Jimin internally groaned. He actually wanted to verbally refute that! The way your finger felt on his skin drove him crazy.
@CrystalGuerra @VeronicaArtino I'm saying he like I don't like her like that but I like her and I'm like Ummmm Whaaaa???
OK so I'm confused....I thought Kookie did like it say he doesn't.....confusion
i want her to be with jungkookie!!!
Someone needs to hit Jimin with a stick -~-
I'm confused about kookie feelings now lol but okay
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