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whether I am watching them on Jimmy Fallon or Lip Sync Battle show they bring me endless joy... Here are a few that literally amaze me, laugh, awe, inspire, and that are just a much share. Do any of you watch? I am patiently awaiting Jan 7 for the second season but until then I have these videos I can watch
Anthony Mackie and Joseph Gordan-Levitt. There are two videos and you are welcome he (JGL) will make another appearance in this card
Anna Kendrick V's John Krasinski
Anne Hathaway Vs. Emily Blunt how can one not love these two quirk balls and their amazingness
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Vs Jimmy Fallon yes Jimmy will be a repeater in this card. But the Rock's performance literally had me in tears.
Jimmy Fallon Vs Will Ferrell Vs Kevin Hart
Jimmy Fallon Vs Joseph Gordan-Levitt Vs Stephen Merchant
Jimmy Fallon Vs Emma Stone

This is by far the best one

Anne Hathaway's wrecking ball is my favorite :D
no doubt. lol
@shannonl5 omgawd girl, she killed it. I LOVED that she flipped Emily off too. Woman has sass.
when I was a yungun in the 80s, they had a TV show about lip syncing it was funny
@AshelyJewell yes. the second season starts Jan 7. I am super excited
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