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This was the only available the eng sub was blocked for some reason. . the Facebook one.. can't this is the only one I found. .I translated the best I could .. ************** M: What we talking about? J: They said to talk about anything. J: I told you we don't  know each other. .(everyone loughs) ************ J: Hello everyone  I'm GOT7 Jackson. M: I am Mark. J: Isn't  the atmosphere a bit strange? J: This is us... we are roommates this is the atmosphere in our room. We do not bother eachother so, that.. every  day.. M: But these days I am not sleeping in our room J: Yes, I sleep alone.. M: (loughs) J:  I sleep alone  ( repeats with a sad expression ) J: I really want to eat this.. ( picks up food and puts it down) M: No really,.. He takes care of himself he watches what he eats. ************ M: Well will act like if we were actually in our room. . Those days were like this.. J: Those days are like this..Action! (gets his phone) acting like if they were in their room M: (loughs ) phone in  hands too. J: You might  think that we have conversations. .. this is how our conversation goes.. M: Jackson did you see that? (looking at the phone) J: mmm..yes I saw it. ( showing eachother their phones ) J: What time is it? M: is almost 8pm J: Let's go to bed turn the lights off (x2) J: OK M:let's go eat (x2) M: let's go!.... Jackson! let's go!! J:  Hyung...Turn the lights off.. M: Yes. (Jackson face sales it all) lol.. J: That.. was our conversation M: (loughs) M: I think that the other members are already talking. J: Honestly. .I have too many things.. The reason why Mark hasn't  sleep lately  in our room.. M: the first part.... the real reason why WE left the room.. J: First of all BOTH of us left the room... because there lots of bugs in our room.. our room wasn't dirty.. M: to begin with.. The kitchen was full of Rammen and fruits  lots of it that nobody eats. (getting damaged I assumed ) so how do I say it.. this bugs, those bugs ..small ones .. J: fruit mascot. . M: Is that correct? Fruit mascot? (asking someone) J: Whatever... a bug.... M: Those that fly around... J: Those small bugs ..there were too many of them.. M: You know those bugs that appear in the bathroom sometimes?..So there were of these .. So, one day when we...where did we go? ( asking Jackson) J: Then... One day after we came back of been close to..... M: Is not like that... songcho? .shinkcho? ..sukcho? Chicho?.. J: Whatever..... after coming back from CHO.. out of the sudden  we found  lots of bugs in our room.. Later we found out that Mark Hyung Left  the door to our room open. .. That's why all the bugs attacked  our room. M: Our room doesn't  have air conditioner and.. J: I have lots of stuff M: If we open the windows the bugs would come in, they come from that's why out of need we have to keep the door to our room closed. J: Do You See Now?.. the bug problem wasn't  because our room is dirty. .is because  there were bugs there  plus I have too many things. Mark also have lots of things.. M: NO ..but you have more  stuff.. J: True. .. I do have more stuff because I keep the presents that I get. I always keep things to use it later ..You know what  I mean? M: I don't get what you are saying . What if there is no more... in the future. ( Jackson face when Mark says that) J: Whatever .... we have lots of bugs... ( I think he try to change topic there) And because we have lots of bugs. . MARK..ran away.. after Mark ran away we called somebody M:  Cisco. . J: That person Cisco came but... M: He said there was no solution. J: Hello said something. . He said there was no solution....but he must have done something about it anyway.. after he finish and left all the bugs were dead.. but they were dead on top of my bed... So.. Mark was sleeping in Yugyeom's Room so I went to Yugyeom's room too. After a week or two there were no bugs in our room.. M: Is true.. J: I went back to our room.. So I told Mark  Hyung "let's go back to our room" now that the bugs left we can sleep in our room let's go....But he did not come back. .so....That means I am living in THAT room alone (he looks sad when he said that) M: There is no air conditioner in that room... J: There is no air conditioner (Repeats what Mark said) M: Is ok.... Is very hot in our room and I sleep in the upper part of the room.. ******** J: Martial Arts?.. I feel like I haven't  done martial arts like in 38 years.. M: I think Jackson needs to stop doing Martial Arts, he gets hurt everytime he does  it.  ( he said dak-chyeo which means shut up  and hurts  is  sang- cheo. . Jackson  noticed..I think that's what it was . lol  ) J:  Shut up?? (dak-chyeo ) M: That you get hurt J: alright M: Shut up (dak-chyeo)? J: That joke wasn't funny  M: Chicken (Dak)? should I bring  chicken? J: and yeah.. Marks jokes around like that.. (laughs) M: (laughs ) J: lately he had a new joke. .you know  which one (he looks at Mark) When we were talking he said "wow. This  is ridiculous  (oi-ee-ssuh )"  Then out of the sudden Mark.  We were eating  and then there were  some pickles then Mark's said " there us pickles here (oi-ee-ssuh ) (shows with the fork) .after that the atmosphere was like (face WTF ).. J:  he says. .wow. is ridiculous b there's pickles  here. M:( laughs) I won't ever do those kind of joke. J: but is really good to see Mark making jokes and pranks. Because usually he doesn't even talk.. so that's why you must be curious to know What is Mark thinking?  This we are going to reveal  today .. (turns to Mark) Tell us.. M: I think of nothing... J: You don't say anything  because you aren't thinking  of anything? ? ******* J: We'll not going to talk for a minute then you can edit it.. Yugyeom : Ok sounds good ( x2) @VeronicaArtino @sarangseoltang @EmilySavage @kpopisnylife @PrettieeEmm @XionHeart @LenaBlackRose @kpopdeluxegirl you can tag more p's if you want.
Do you see how they are leaning towards eachother and touching shoulders the entire time!? Markson is forever real.
thanks . and they are still cute
@LenaBlackRose're welcome
Lol that was kinda funny. kve been waiting for Stubbs for the longest while now! thank you soooo much