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It's been a couple of weeks now since I've seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens and in that time I've been really trying to think about why I loved the new movie so much and why I loved the Original Trilogy so much. And there's a simple answer for that (as you can see above):

X-Wings and their Pilots.

Even though they usually just explode into a ball of flames because TIE Fighters are always better than X-Wings. But there's always one. There's always been one character who has been my favorite. And it's this guy:

Wedge Antilles.

If you rewatch the original trilogy -- or just check out his wikipedia page -- you'll notice a couple of awesome things about him. He's the only other X-Wing Pilot to survive after the first Death Star gets destroyed and he was the first pilot who got the idea to trip up those large AT-ATs on Hoth. But what's so special about him, you wonder? Absolutely nothing. That's right. Fucking nothing.
He's not a Jedi or a smuggler. He doesn't have a lot of lines. And most people don't know who he is. And that is why he's my favorite character. He's just a pilot who does his job.
For me, growing up. I wasn't special. I wasn't the smartest or the most athletic. I didn't wear cool clothes, I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. I only started getting attention when I started demanding it (by this I mean, I gained my "fuck you, I'm punk" attitude). But when I was little I felt so unimportant to the world and the grand scheme of things. Until I saw Star Wars and Wedge Antilles. He still contributed to winning the Galactic Civil War but unless you're a giant nerd, you won't know who he is at all. He's just another guy in an X-Wing.

[Minor Spoilers Ahead]

So when I watched The Force Awakens and most of it revolved around Finn and Rey, I immediately knew who I was going to cling onto in this movie. It was Poe Dameron. The Resistance's best pilot. He starts out the movie and he (sort of) ends it. There's no inclination that he's force sensitive. All we know about him is that he has a smart mouth and he's a damn good pilot.
And looking at that in terms of my life now. Sure, I'm not special or extraordinary like some people around me are. But I do know that I am good at one thing. I might even be pretty fucking great at it. And I'm not afraid to admit it. I'm no Jedi Knight. I'm not a smooth talking smuggler. I don't make a lot of money. I'm not the smartest guy in any room I step into. I'm not the best at video games. I don't have a good jump shot. I'm an alright skateboarder. I only know a couple of chords on the guitar. I am an average guy on paper.
But I'm a damn good writer. And if you got me into an X-Wing, I'm pretty sure I'd be stellar at that too.
I literally cheered for him in the theaters by how good he was at taking down tie fighters 馃槃
I guess this is the best marketing move that Sony could take
Just made my day lol that was badass
I love this. Heck yeah!
Actually the preorder is available not the actual movie, sorry about that 馃槱馃槩 wanted to see it again so badly
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