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The necklace said SK on it. I figured it meant Sehun and Kai, but if he really did betray me..... how would I know?.
For days I have been feeling down and can't forget his words "I love you and only you" even though we are not really together. His teasing is so overwhelming that my heart can't control its self around him. Kai has always stuck around me, stares at me, and sometimes treats me as if I'm all his and really I want that to be true. His words did not sound relevant, and unfortunately I had to take risks.
"Sehun why did you give Kai the necklace". I ask trying to keep it simple. "It was for his birthday, he said he wanted an SK necklace so I got it for him..... Ksoo.... are you jealous?".
"No!, I was just curious". He stares at me blankly noticing my wide eyes staring down at the floor. "Yah, if you keep lying to yourself.... I might end up punishing you". He pulled my chin gently and got WAY too close for comfort. "What are you doing?!!". I heard Kai's loud voice from the stairs and as the sound echoes... it soon fades like a ghost.
"I was just playing". Sehun said letting out a laugh. I look right into Kai's eyes and walked towards the stares but he grabbed my arm and pulled me down.
"Wait up stairs". He said.
I go up the stairs the sound of their voices starts to fade and I start to wonder what they were talking about. I got inside our room and went to the balcony and looked up at the sky.
"The stars.... they're pretty right?". I hear Kai say. "What did Sehun say to you Soo, why were you staring at him like that?".
"Why are you still wearing his necklace?". I knew Jongi was jealous, I know his eyes too well. He rips the necklace off his neck and his hands went down my back until finally he kissed me.
His kiss was passionate and I wanted more. The lust between us was too much to contain. Whispering dirty things with his possessive voice just makes me want him more.
oh the cliff hangers are real lol.... xD
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MOREEEEEE *spongebob voice* I NEED ITTTT
yes....girl...my heart...the jealousy...the angst...the paasion
please tag me in all things kaisoo!!!!! they're my fav ship!!!!
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