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Yeah never understood this logic.
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@KaylasKitty but the final evolutions for flying types CAN learn fly practically 95% of the time
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@animerg13 yeah, but Scyther nor Scizor can learn fly
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@KaylasKitty because of the way that their bodies are built, it is obvious that they are not meant to fly and it would just look stupid anyway, besides, have you even even seen them fly? And I don't mean like a hop while flapping it's wings I mean like flying up high with the birds.
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@KaylasKitty plus I said flying types, and their main type is bug.
2 years ago·Reply
@animerg13 yeah, Scizor has flown up high with the birds in one of the shows with Deoxys in it. also I really don't care, Yanmega is pretty cool the way he is
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