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Last but not least my beautiful bias Leo:) After telling my cousin about him she said we are alike which of course isn't wrong aha
Ah I just adore Leo, I love him so so much
I love him almost as much as I love Kwon Jiyong if that's even possible
Ugh he's so wonderful
I just love him so much.. so so much. I hope you enjoyed this Leo card and the rest of the Vixx members! The next band will be BigBang and I might put more writing into them because they are my bias group and I have very strong feelings about each member and they just mean the whole universe to me so there will probably be more writing:)
Leo is my vixx bias he's so adorable.. And soft spoken lol.. Like a baby
he's so cute he became my vixx bias
ahhh my bias! I loved this so much
Yes! My baby!!!!!! I loved these cards <3 thank you so much! My picture collection has gotten much much bigger hahaha
@KAddict I'm glad you loved them:)