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Keita and star as a child! Note: this picture does not belong to me and I have no rights to it. Authors note: I know I promised you guys a chapter on Christmas, but it's taking a little longer than we expected. >_ ( please don't be mad.) but! I do have a cute scene for you guys to make up for it. Background: This is a scene from when Keita was little! ~Keita~ They both sat on the porch together. It was a few days before Christmas and it still hasn't snowed yet. "Do you think it will snow soon Kimi?" Keita tilted his head back looking at all the stars. Each one of them looked exactly the same. Yet people could tell them apart just from where they stood in the world. "Maybe." She said after zoning out a bit. "I hope not though, it'll be really cold if it does." She said Keita pouted. "But if it snows enough then school will be cancelled and we could play together the whole day!" "And if it's not cancelled? Then what? Then it's really cold, we still have to be at school, and who says my dad will even let me leave?" "Well aren't you Mrs. Negative Nancy." Keita feasted. Kimi blushed." Yeah well, nothing good ever comes from snow." "What about Christmas? It's coming up soon. Aren't you happy for that." "Not really, my dad doesn't really celebrate Christmas. He just gets drunk by himself and passes out on the couch." Keita tilted his head." That doesn't sound very fun." He looked back at the stars." Kimi, why don't you come to my house for Christmas." "I don't know it I-" "Alright, if you don't come I guess I can't give you your present?" "Present?" Keita nodded." Mhm, present! You have to come on Christmas. That's the only day you can give people presents. So what do you say? Come spend the holidays with me." He grinned. Kimi wiggled in her seat. "I-I'll try." Keita smiled looking back at the stars and a snowflake landed on his nose. "Haha it's early! It's snowing." Kimi looked at the sky and back to Keita." I love it." She smiled and they laughed letting themselves be coated..... In the freshly fallen snow.
@KiraHitomi I gotta say I'm starting to like the childhood friend it makes me wish I had one of my own
Ok that was freaking adorable great job
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!