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Hello~ I just wanted to tell you guys about this show I just finished.
It's called The Lover and I dearly loved it.
It was a show that followed the lives of four couples that lived together without being married. It is pretty dirty so you might want to watch out but I loved it and it was amazing.
I will give you a preview to get you interested :D
FIRST we have the couple of Oh Do-si and Ryu Doo-ri.
These two come to live together in Room 609
Oh Do is a voice actor and Doo-ri is a blogger (or reporter, whatever you get out of it) and they decided to live together instead of getting married, which they have done so for two years.
This couple wasn't my favorite but they were pretty hilarious in the beginning.
The second to appear live in room 610, Jung Young-Joon and Choi Ji-nyeo.
Joon is a rockstar and Ji-nyeo (Man Goo as they call her in the show) runs a side dish shop.
There is 12 years separating their ages, Joon : 21 and Man Goo : 33.
Although Joon is a musician, he is unemployed and doesn't have any money so Man Goo has to take care of them both for the past year and continuing until he lands his dream job.
I personally liked this couple but sometimes Joon was a little too crazy lol He played a super adorable boy though.
And he's sooooooo hot on stage
Third come in Room 510, the two young, engaged lovers in their twenties moved in together before getting married. Park Hwan-jong and Ha Seol-eun.
I can't tell you a lot about them because I skipped through a lot of their segments, I personally didn't like that couple but from what I did catch they weren't bad.
I honestly just wanted to see...
ROOM 709
Takuya and Lee Joon Jae!!!!!
Joon Jae lived alone and was looking for a quiet roommate to live with him and Takuya, who is a Japanese foreigner, comes to stay. (you might know him from Cross Gene)
I only watched this show for them lol but I did watch Room 610 too.
(their ship is Takujae btw js)
Overall, at the end I did cry but it was all good and this show just.... Gosh it was crazy.
There are a lot of funny jokes and dirty references. Be careful, like the first scene is super hilarious but pretty dirty lol
They talk about a lot and do a lot but the show is good lol
I loved this show and recommend you watch it.
(some parts might be boring, as I said, I skipped around a lot because I only wanted to see Takujae)
There are a lot of funny jokes about the two but one of my favorite is about their height.
Oh Do is super short compared to these two and it makes me laugh
If you know of any shows that have a gay couple or have a similar feel to this one, please tell me about them and I will gladly watch it lol
I think I've watched this show twice because of this couple and it hurts that the show is over ;-;
Thank you for reading and let me know what you think of the show when you watch it (:
Bye Bye~