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Change is good!?

I posted a card here about the update, and so far everyone seems to like it (well, except from @MissyKim's mom LOL) but even I am still getting used to it!
I don't think everyone has the update yet so if you don't, think of this as preparation for the change, and for those that already updated - let's learn how to fly this thing!

1. Visiting Communities

So, on your home feed you'll find cards recommended for you from all of your communities and collections you follow, but there are also tabs for each of your communities!
Clicking on one of these tabs will show you a community preview with recommended cards and popular Talks.
To visit the full community, click VISIT THIS COMMUNITY at the bottom :)

2. Checking Out The Community!

When you visit the community you can see allllll the cards posted there by clicking the Cards tab! This will show you cards that might be brand new and haven't shown up on your feed yet, so you can be up-to-date on all the latest Vingle fun ;D
You can also click the Talk tab to see those as well!
You can still filter the Cards by recommended, most commented, etc by clicking the grey bar just above the cards!
Again, this can help you stay up to date on everything going on^^

3. Community Talk

For Talk, you can add pictures, gifs, and hashtags along with short messages~
Just go to the Talk tab OR press the "Add Card" button (that big red thing at the bottom, or at the top right for iPhone) and it will let you add a Talk there as well! You can also comment and like other people's posts, and there is a trending hashtag section that let's you know what people are talking about!

Easy right?!

Now go get on the Kpop Community Talk and CELEBRATE #HAPPYVDAY!
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@RihannaTiaMay @lilbr0wneyes Update for iphone is out!!!!
2 years ago·Reply
how do you schedule when a card is posted?
2 years ago·Reply
how do I see the cards I have liked
2 years ago·Reply
@kpopandkimchi how do I see my liked cards
2 years ago·Reply