So, I wanted to start watching a new drama and I like action, mystery, crime thrillers and such so I looked up dramas that matched that and you know what came up? I Remember You. Yes, the show with the one and only D.O Kyungsoo! He is such a cute psychopath. I am on episode 3 and he looked so amazing and acted amazing the first 2 episodes and I can't wait to see him more. Also, Seo In Guk. He is just as amazing as Kyungsoo and I am in love with this drama. If their are any dramas like this that you know of can you tell me so I can watch it when I'm done with this one.
All I'm going to say is that Kill Me Heal Me is an amazing drama. seriously馃憣
my daughter just finished that one. one minute she was in my room crying. next she was laughing. then she laid on my bed and screamed oh the Feelz!!! good luck!!! lol
If you have Netflix, they have a ton.
I was looking for a new drama to watch, Where can I watch it?
he was in Its Okay, That's Love. i just finished it and it was aaaaaamazing