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It was hard to narrow down to just 3 but I did it. Sorry it's late @KpopGaby but thank you for including me in this! Also thanks to @VKookie47 for tagging me in your card too! These are my personal picks I hope you like them!

Coming in at #3 for me is... f(x) ~ 4 Walls

I was waiting for forever for f(x)'s comeback! I really liked the MV, it matched well with the song. Very dreamlike and artistic. My favorite girls!

My #2 pick... History ~ Might Just Die

This MV might just kill me... Like seriously I watched (the dance version) like a million times. The song I'm still in love with. I had it on repeat for at least a week or two when it first came out. The Dance amazes me and works for the song. The drama version was feely too and kinda moody. I liked it.

Drum roll please!! My #1 pick for favorite MV of the year is : Royal Pirates ~ Run Away

And now Imma tell you why. This video... is so emotional. It's not big or flashy and has no dancing but still bring me to tears. The symbolism in this MV if you know anything about the group just hurts. The pictures in the beginning are Moon (main singer) and his brother Richard (former bassist of the group that died). The burning shield and bass James has said represents this past year's regrets/pain/and memories. For any who don't know James is the current bassist but cannot play right now because early this year he suffered a horrible accident involving his left hand/wrist that delayed their comeback for most of the year. He suffered in silence only giving out the bare bones details because he didn't want to worry anyone, not even his family. Even when it was so bad they thought he might even lose his hand. He only recently told us all about it and showed us the damage. He still has to endure painful rehabilitation for it. Knowing what these guys have been through this year and years past makes this MV the most meaningful and beautiful to me. Sorry I've run on and on but this song makes me very emotional. Please show RP more love and support in 2016 they truly are great and deserving of your love!!
omg this card made me smile when u mention royal pirates. I love them. They are underrated that's why I'm glad I saw them on ur list
Omg you like Royal Pirates??!!
@AnnahiZaragoza it was very hard to choose! I barely survived!
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