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K-Pop New Years Challenge
I feel like I haven't been on Vingle in forever and it's only been a few days and maybe a couple of comments. Work, work, work, life, work, etc. Some of you are still waiting on a story...My apologies! This break has not been a break at all haha You will get them! I promise! In the meantime, since I have a bit of time, I will do this challenge. First, I will pick my top 5 favorite K-Pop songs of 2015, then, my top 5 K-Pop dances of 2015 and finally top 5 K-Pop albums of 2015.Well, let's get it!
These are not in a particular order. I mean, I already had to pick just five. What else do you want from me lol 馃槀 Love Line-Bumkey, Hyolyn and Jooyoung I know this song has only been out for a week but I have to hand it to Starship. This song is amazing. We must cherish it as Jooyoung goes off to the army. (Or listen to Wet if you're grown.)馃槄 4 Walls-f(x) Did anyone else kind of get a "View" feel when they heard this song? Even though Sulli is not in the group anymore, they showed no signs of weakness at all. This comeback (along with Diamond) is...dare I say it, dope.馃槍 Eat-Zion T. Seriously, the coolest cat in K-Pop, I think (Sorry, T.O.P oppa). You can listen to this song through pretty much anything. Every single and collaboration is great and always playing on repeat in my music library. I Need U-BTS I would say more but that actually might take up a card in itself. Good Boy- GDxYB(TY) I am a good boy...TURN UP! That's usually how I am when this song comes on. They're one of my favorite ships and this song is just more proof that should things with Min Hyo-Rin not work out (Heaven forbid), GD will always be there because their chemistry is through the roof.馃敟馃敟
Dope-BTS I love this choreo so much that I learned it, taught it to others, we performed it and now I'm teaching it next semester for another performance. Biased? Nope, not at all lol Married to the Music-SHINee This dance is so cool. SHINee is so freaking cool. They make good use of the stage too. AHHHH Just watch it.(View almost made my top 5 because it was choreographed by my favorite choreographer, Ian Eastwood. Still love you, Ian.) Just Right-GOT7 This feel good song has a feel good dance to match. Another one of the songs that I learned so that I could do the dance and feel happy inside while doing it. You can thank me later for this crazy boyfriend version of their dance practice if you haven't seen it ^_^ Moonlight Sonata-BIGSTAR I pray and hope that you are not sleeping on BIGSTAR. Because this dance right here, needs to be shared for the world to see. I can't even watch the video without getting up and dancing myself. Wanna see it? It would be my honor to show you ^^ OMGT-Madtown Oh my God thanks for this dance! Corny, I know. To be honest, I'm not sure if I like the dance more or the guys performing it...I think it's the dance though. It's entertaining to say the least.
Exodus-EXO EXO+Teddy Riley+Jonghyun+other awesome songwriters=this amazing album. Tears...I cried actual legit tears and have come to the conclusion that My Answer will be played as I am walking down the aisle. Playboy will be played during the honeymoon...That sounds weird but just roll with it.馃槀 Odd-SHINee I loved the entire album from start to finish. Love Sick, View, Odd, Romance, Trigger, I'm naming every song because I love it so much, Black Hole, Alive...Take a listen.The repackaged album is great too. MADE series-Big Bang These guys. Nothing but applause. I don't call them the kings but they have definitely made (I'm lame) their mark on K-Pop this year and since they've been on the scene...almost ten years ago. Anniversary album, please?馃槏 No.5-2PM Woah...I tried to make it through this album while keeping my composure and not acting like a freak but then Red came on so...uh, listen to this one when the kids have gone to sleep lol馃槒 The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.2 *runs and hides* 馃檲Y'all have no idea how hard that was, seriously. I mean every song of theirs evokes some emotion but this is one of those EPs that you just have to sit back and actually take it in. I first listened to it in the office at my desk (Bad idea, I might add) and I was okay through the first few tracks. I'm sure some of you experienced this unless I am a complete weirdo, but I got to Crow Tit/Bapsae/Parrotbill/Silver Spoon/The Crunkest song I've hear in a while...I had to take a quick break to gather my thoughts, only to return to my desk and listen to House of Cards. Fatality. This album finished me.馃槀馃槀 Anyways, my resolution for the Kpop Vingle community is that we continue to support each other even more than this year. I am so thankful that I found a community like this that supports other fandoms and each other personally. You all make me feel really special and I hope to return the love ^_^ That was sappy but whatever. You infires me, man! Infires!馃槱馃憦馃従馃憦馃従馃憦馃従馃憦馃従
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Glad you're baaaack!!! and I love all your choices!!!
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@kpopandkimchi Thank you! It feels good to be back! @felicityautumn thanks! Please tag me when you do the challenge! @AnnahiZaragoza I haven't been able to stop listening to it! The producers are geniuses for this <3
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That wasn't sappy at all! Love you! :) Honestly beside Dope (BTS) and Just Right (GOT7) I haven't heard of the others on the dance list. I agree 4 walls does reminds me of Shinee's MV. Other than that I think it's pretty refreshing. I'm a little addicted to that song and it's hard to not dance to it (by dancing I mean really just messing around) lol. Hope you can finally get some rest! :)
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YAAASSS! I'm in love with 'Love Line' too!! That song is just perfect! 馃憣馃挄
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