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now you probably think this card is about how hard life is, but no, well kind of) I JUST FINISHED ALL THE DRAMAS IM CURRENTLY WATCHING AND I SERIOUSLY NEED SOME GOOD RECOMMENDATIONS i like sad dramas school dramas and crime (legal) thrillers are my favorite (but if u have other good ones pls tell me about them) PLS HELP ME I WANNA WATCH SOMETHING RN馃槶馃槶
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I'll recommend to you my favorite show called Pinocchio which made me cry from the beginning to the near end. It's romance and revolves around reporters. Also includes comedy.
Healer is another good one, it's action packed with romance and it has its sad moments. Lastly the Girl Who Sees Smells is a really good crime, thriller filled one, also romance. And I just finished it.
@biancadanica98 currently watching Pinocchio and its another really emotional one.
@ToppDogg Yes it is, I was always crying nonstop from it. Is it weird that I like to cry? I cry whenever a character cries.
lol me too dont worry